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So many lovely ladies...

Found on cruez2788 's LJ.

+ Bold the names of ladies you'd definitely sex it up with.
+ Italicize the names of ladies you might do after a little persuasion.
+ Leave the ladies who don't do anything for you alone.
+ Put a question mark after the ladies you've never heard of.
+ Strike the ladies you wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole.
+ Add three more ladies to the list.

1.Sara Ramirez
2.Brooke Smith
3.Jessica Capshaw
4.Lucy Lawless
5.Selma Hayek
6.America Ferrera
7.Kristen Stewart
8.Eliza Dushku
9.Angelina Jolie
10.Kate Winslet
11.Kim Kardashian
12.Jennifer Lopez
13.Zoe Saldana ?
14.Kate Walsh
15.Sandra Oh
16.Kathrine Higel
17.Mariska Hargity ?
18.Kathy Griffith
19.Paris Hilton
20.Ellen Pompeo
22.Christina Aguliera
23.Rosario Dawson ?
24.Jennifer Anniston
25.Alicia Keys
26. Zooey Deschanel
27. Olivia Wilde
28.  Cote de Pablo

Things that make me happy...

As a gay, female New Yorker, I don't encounter much discrimination.  In fact, being gay is okay in the City.   And it's starting to look even better:

More gayness (in the traditional sense of the word):

Even though I'm completely single, and don't see myself getting married too soon, this is SO FUCKING AWESOME!!!!  "I now pronounce you man and man, and wife and wife."   The "Rainbow Coalition" that the NOM has apparently formed is backfiring....   Mainly because "Rainbow Coalition" is so gay.   Don't we have that copyrighted or something?

So, in my first chapter's A/N, I said I am a straight callica fan. Now, I think that's a load of crap.

I am so gay.Collapse )


I am so gay. I am so, so, so gay. I am extremely gay.

Oh my god, do you know how wierd that sounds? It feels so foriegn yet familiar at the same time. It's been three weeks since I seriously thought of myself as a lesbian, three weeks evaluating every unexplained... admiration of certain girls, three weeks of trying to figure out if I like women physically, too, and I have realized: this is why I have never had a crush (that I new of) before (including kindie, elementary school, middle school, highschool, until now.) I was looking in the wrong place. I am so gay and I've always been gay, just too dense to realize it.

I remember once, when I was a kid (around 6, or 10, maybe?) watching this movie where in one scene this woman tries to seduce this guy (in a PG silly way) I felt... funny. Because of the woman. I am so, so, SO gay!

And do you know what inspired this revelation? Not the massive amounts of callica fanfiction I read, not the complete disinterest in getting a boyfriend when a nosy girl asked if I have a boyfriend or have ever had a boyfriend (no and no) but my accidental boob-grap when sparring this woman in mixed martial arts.

I'm not afraid to be gay because some people will hateMe for it. Those people don't matter to me. I'm not afraid of the inequality I will suffer because of who I am. I'm not looking forward to it, but it doesn't scare me (nobody will ever stop me from being who am.) I am afraid of the stereotypes, the casual jokes about me made that I'll laugh at but cry when I'm alone, and potential osticization among women. I do not want to be stereotyped. I am athletic not because I'm a lesbian but because I can't really conctrate on anything else, other than medicine and science. I am not atracted to manly women. I am a woman who likes women, not a transgendered man, not a woman who likes men. I like girly, flowery smelling, smooth skined, curvy women with breasts.. And, you know, other cool parts as well. I like how women behave (though of course it varies from person to person).

I am extremely gay.

I told my friend about what happened in MMA, and said it was kind of wierd because "I'm straight." She just quirked her eyebrow and said "mhmm. Yeah.". She knows of my incredible gayness. (ooh, a gay superhero.)

Changing in the women's locker room was even more awkward for me today, because changing in a cramped room, talking about hankypanky thongs, when you're aware of your sexuality is quite the experience. I'm no perve, though.

I took the Klein grid test twice, with slightly different answers to the questions. Both times, it showed that I am 77% homosexual. Woot! I'm consistent!

I could really use a gay yoda right now. I don't think I can talk to anybody that knows me well (I.e. My therapist -- it might explain why I can't sleep at night.)

I just wanted to tell somebody that I am a lesbian and I have the hots for Sara Ramirez.

I could really use a couple comments right now.

Ms wolfsbane (wolfie)

PS Anybody know where I can post a link to this, because the only people who will find it up here are women from erica_callie like

jay00789 who are looking for a fic (chapter 3 is slowly in the works).




Writer's Block: Fearsome

The boogeyman, global thermonuclear war, being forced to eat broccoli—there's a lot to be afraid of when you're a kid. What was your biggest childhood fear?
Cockroaches.  Definitely cockroaches.  Kind of strange for somebody from New York, right?  (Apparently they are our unofficial mascot.)  Normally  I'm not squeamish, I hate girls who are squeamish about every little bug and drop of blood (real or fake), and I plan on being a doctor -- but something about roaches just stimulates the fight or flight response in me.  Really, just the flight response.  After seeing a roach, I usually end up curling into a ball on some elevated surface (i.e. bed, swivel chair for fleeing, couch.)  I've been that way for as long as I can remember.

Draft of Maelstrom Umbrae inspired fic

Title: Ever So Lonely/Eyes/Ocean
Chapter: 1/1
Author: wolfie259 with credit to Maelstrom Umbrae
Paring: Callie/Erica (as it should be)
Rating: PG
Summary: Callie and Erica find out what it's like to fall in love during a camping trip with some of Seattle Grace's surgeons. Takes place after chapter 3 of "There Comes a Song," so I highly recommend you read that first. Or just read that.
Disclaimer: Story inspired by Maelstrom Umbrae's fic "There Comes a Song," so the camping trip is not my idea. All creative rights to Grey's Anatomy and their characters belong to Shonda Rhimes, Shondaland, ABC Network, and company. I do not, in any way, shape, or form, profit from this.

A/N: Still just a draft, so if you want to give me any suggestions, please do, but keep in mind that this is not complete or necessarily the best it can be. Okay?

Ever So Lonely/Eyes/Ocean -- by Sheila Chandra
Ever so lonely
Ever so lonely without you
Ever so lonely

Sink into your eyes and all I see
Love is an ocean
And you for me

Sink into your eyes
Your eyes
Are all I see
Your love is an ocean

An ocean refuses no river
Ever so lonely
An ocean refuses no river

Waiting for the time when we can be alone together
Alone together

The ocean, the ocean
Refuses no river

The ocean, your ocean
Refuses no river

Ever so lonely
Ever so lonely without you

Your ocean
Your ocean
Refuses no river

It was two days into the Seattle Grace camping trip and so far, nobody but Sydney Heron seemed to be having a good time, and she would still be smiling if you gave her a double leg amputation. In fact, she'd probably comment on how good a job you had done. No, the trip had been horrible to all the parties involved; the brilliant idea of having doctors, surgeons, go camping together was absolutely insane; every decision was bickered over and debated to the point that they were actually a day behind schedule. And, of course, as Callie had predicted, the terrain was too difficult for the casual hiker. She, herself, had no problem with the trail, though her muscles were a bit sore from getting used to hiking again. But Callie relished the pain in her aching muscles; she felt invigorated, alive. The first night, all the doctors had been sitting around the fire pit, moaning about a herniated this, or a strained that, and even Erica rolling her shoulders back to get a knot out, when Callie sat easily on the ground, humming a slight tune. Dr. Bailey gave Callie her signature "you must be out of your mind" look, and Callie responded defensively with, "What? It feels good to be back on the trail." Since then the unofficial reigns of the trip had been handed over to Callie.

The sleeping situation had been sufficiently awkward, considering that Callie, Erica, and Bailey were sleeping together. In the same tent. And Miranda Bailey was one of the few who knew about Erica and Callie because, well, Dr. Bailey knew everything that went on.

That morning, Sydney Heron decided to wake the ladies up with a rousing round of "Rise and shine and bring God your glory, glory," that had a still sleeping Erica threatening to set her flying monkeys on Sydney and a semi-conscious Callie leaping up in surprise and being promptly rebuffed by the top of the tent, landing in an unceremonious heap on top of Erica and Miranda. The squawking that followed had lead Christina to start a betting pool on who had murdered whom.

After changing out of their P.J.'s into something more fitting for hiking (Callie and Erica, their faces bright red, stood at opposite sides of the tent, facing the wall, with Miranda standing in the middle, shaking her head,) they took their disheveled behinds to the fire where Derek was dishing out breakfast. Hushed whispers debating who fought whom spread around the fire as Erica's split lip, Miranda's black eye, and Callie's visibly bruised ass complicated the betting pool.


Callie foraged ahead of the group of city doctors, and took a deep breath of salty sea air. This was what it was like to live. As Callie thought that she really must do this more often, the powerful crunch of hiking boots broke through the gentle chirping of the birds. A smile spread across Callie's face when she spotted those blue eyes that were occupying her thoughts.

"So Torres, when were you going to tell me that you were an amazon in disguise?" Erica's gravel rubbed Callie just the right way.

"Maybe when you decide to tell me about that basketball team you were on," Callie smirked, pulling her lips to the corner of her mouth to hide her full grin.

Erica's eyebrows nearly disappeared into her hairline at that one, and Callie was proud that she could actually surprise the great Dr. Hahn. "How...."

"I've got connections and that's all you'll ever need to know about it. So, what position did you play? And for how long?"

"I... was the center for my middle and high school teams. It started out as something to fulfill my sports credit, but... I was actually good. Really good." Erica paused as she clambered up a particularly slippery rock and turned around to help Callie up.

"And here I thought you were Miss Know-It-All in school. Who knew you were a team player."

"Oh, believe me Callie, I was most definitely Queen of the Nerds in high school, to the point where I didn't really have any friends... off the court." Callie nodded at Erica's admission. She knew all too well what it was like being the weird girl at the back of the class who ate her hair.

"But on the court... it really didn't matter who we were outside the gym, what clique we were in, what music we liked -- well, except for victory dances," Erica recounted with a grin. "What mattered was that we were a team, working to a common goal. Everybody had a place, everybody was needed."

"You'll always be needed, Erica," she said softly. Tucking a lose strand of ebony hair from her eyes, Callie cleared her throat, biting her lip as to keep herself from placing them on the blonde's. "So you're just telling me now that you can shoot hoops like M.J.?" Erica shot Callie a sheepish smile. "What position again?"


"Of course. Erica Hahn would accept nothing else," Callie jested.

"Oh, shut up," Erica shot back, but her heart wasn't in it. Her heart was too busy admiring the amazing woman beside her.

As they continued on in companionable silence, the echoing voices of their colleagues caught up with them.

"...if she says one more bright and shiny thing about how wonderful everything is I'm going to take a retracter and shove it up her--"

"--McDream House, complete with a McWife, our McDog, McBabies, and red convertible? I'm not--"

"--their resident anymore! And yet they still come to me like I'm their mama and I'm going to kiss--"

Suddenly painfully aware of Erica's awestruck gaze and her colleagues not five feet behind, Callie whispered, panicked, "What the hell are we going to say to them? Do we just not tell them? 'Cause they're gonna figure out and when they figure out...." She shook her head, imagining the mayhem and raised her eyebrows desperately at Erica.

"I don't know," stated Erica, calmly.

Callie, on the verge of hyperventilation, nearly screamed, "You don't--"

"--Jeez, Callie, are you trying to make you deepest desire come true?" Erica drawled sarcastically. Then, softly placing a skilled hand on Callie's arm she stopped them and said, "If you had let me continue, I would have said that I don't know, but what I do know is that I love you, and as long as we have each other, nothing will really go wrong."

Callie's brown eyes met Erica's baby blue, and stepping closer, she gently wove her fingers through the ends of the ringlets brushing Erica's shoulders and leaned in, eyes flickering shut.... The laughter of their colleagues broke through Callie's and Erica's hazy consciousnesses and they hastily sprang apart.

Mark's and Bailey's knowing gazes soon turned to looks of horror as gasps rose from the crowd of doctors. Furrowing her brow, Callie spun around to find what had caught their eyes. Erica couldn't seem to find her footing on the slippery rocks of the beach. And Callie watched, her heart breaking as Erica slipped off the cliff into the churning winter sea below.

The Pacific Ocean wasn't pacific in the slightest.



"Dear god."

The shocked gasp of Derek Shepherd managed to break through Callie's terror. Quickly throwing off her pack, her jacket, and her heavy hiking boots faster than a fireman, she dove into the icy depths that had claimed her lover, before anybody was able to stop her.

The frigid water caused her muscles to tense, but with a deep breath, Callie willed them to relax. 60 degrees my ass.

Cutting through the tide with calculated strokes, she zeroed in on the blonde head that was floating face down. Callie stopped a few feet away, treading water, and oriented herself in front of her. After lifting her love's head from the ocean and placing it tenderly on her shoulder, Callie's numb fingers fumbled on the clasp pinning Erica's backpack to her now blue form.

Gay Rights List

Found this on Punky-96's LJ.

1. Being Gay Is Not Natural
And real Americans always reject unnatural things like eyeglasses, polyester, and air conditioning, tattoos, piercings and silicon breasts...

2. Gay Marriage Will Encourage People To Be Gay
In the same way that hanging around tall people will make you tall.

3. Legalizing Gay Marriage Will Open The Door To All Kinds Of Crazy Behavior
People may even wish to marry their pets because a dog has legal standing and can sign a marriage contract. Lamps are next.

4. Straight Marriage Has Been Around A Long Time And Hasn't Changed At All
Hence why women are still property, blacks still can't marry whites, and divorce is still illegal.

5. Straight Marriage Will Be Less Meaningful If Gay Marriage Were Allowed
And we can't let the sanctity of Britney Spears' 55-hour just-for-fun marriage be destroyed.

6. Straight Marriages Are Valid Because They Produce Children
So therefore, gay couples, infertile couples, and old people shouldn't be allowed to marry because our population isn't out of control, our orphanages aren't full yet, and the world needs more children.

7. Obviously Gay Parents Will Raise Gay Children
Since, of course, straight parents only raise straight children.

8. Gay Marriage Is Not Supported By Religion
In a theocracy like ours, the values of one religion are imposed on the entire country. That's why we have only one religion in America.

9. Children Can Never Succeed Without A Male And A Female Role Model
Which is exactly why we as a society expressly forbid single parents to raise children.

10. Gay Marriage Will Change The Foundation Of Society; We Could Never Adapt To New Social Norms
Just like we haven't adapted to cars, the service-sector economy, or longer life spans.

Repost This If You Think Love Makes A Marriage
Vote NO On Proposition 8

Callie/Erica fic idea/challenge

So, I'm currently working on two callica fics (Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy and a one-shot inspired by maelstrom umbrae's fic) but I just heard the song "Won't go home without you" by Maroon 5 for the first time (I know, I'm so lame) and I think it would make a great Callica fic.  It doesn't have to be a songfic, but if anybody is inspired, run with it!

And, to quote Cristina, Dance it out!

PS  I know this would never happen, but if Denny and Cristina ever hooked up, their ship name could be Destiny!!

Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy, Chapter 2/?

Title: Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy
Chapter: 2/?
Author: wolfie259
Paring: Callie/Erica
Rating: PG-13
Summary:  After Erica leaves, Callie is a shadow of who she once was.  What will it take to bring her back?
Disclaimer:  All creative rights to Grey's Anatomy and their characters belong to Shonda Rhimes, Shondaland, ABC Network, and company.  I do not, in any way, shape, or form, profit from this.
On to chapter 2...Collapse )

Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy, Chapter 1/?

Title: Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy
Author: Wolfie259
Paring: Callie/Erica
Rating: PG-13
Summary:  After Erica leaves, Callie is a shadow of who she once was.  What will it take to bring her back?
Disclaimer:  All creative rights to Grey's Anatomy and their characters belong to Shonda Rhimes, Shondaland, ABC Network, and company.  I do not, in any way, shape, or form, profit from this.

Chapter 1Collapse )