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Starting up... again

So... After starting up a year and a half ago trying (and failing) to lose substantial weight and increase my physical fitness, I'm back.

I'm ready to make the change.  I need to make the change.

Last summer I met with nutritionist who helped me formulate a diet schedule -- I've found that I can't overload with protein or else I will ONLY gain muscle mass and not burn fat -- and ended up losing 10 lbs.  Yay me!  Except I had just put on a bunch of vacation weight, so it ended up being more like 3-5 pounds off of my equilibrium.

Those 3-5 lbs have been gained back since going to college.  The food is absolutely awful, and in the first year dorms there is literally no way to cook for myself.  Basically all we have access to is a microwave and a fridge.  No freezer, blender, or hot plate.  So I've eaten in the dining hall, which does not support somebody who aims to be: dairy free, gluten free, and not eat red meat or egg yolk.  I'm tired, I'm sluggish, I'm irritable, and I'm fat.  And I'm sick of it.

I made another appointment with my nutritionist this Friday after having not seen him since September, so here's to hoping it works out ****ght.  I just need to get through the next four weeks, then I'm back home cooking for myself.  It would just be a shame to see these 4 weeks go to waste and watch myself yoyo between stress-binge eating and then being so ill and disgusted from the food that I'm unable to eat at all.

I could really use some motivational support!  It's just so hard. :/