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March Madness

No, I'm not referring to Basketball, but an all more pertinent madness in my life: for the month of March, I will be modifying my eating habits and going off my perscription medication for GERD.

Now, you may have many questions. What is GERD?  Why are you going off medications?  What does this all mean?

GERD is chronic acid reflux, which has been bothering me since I was 14, and since then I have been on medication to control it.  I developed it right around the time that my adderal began affecting my mood and appetite, which basically meant that I was living on coffee and stimulants and was not talking to anybody.  Not a big surprise that I developed GERD.

Since then, I have stopped taking adderall (yay!) but I've recently developed a more... pressing issue that needs to be dealt with, and I think that taking 4 different prescription medications on the regular is not healthy for an otherwise healthy young adult.  I do believe that medications have a place, which is why I'm not going off my more important ones, but I need to get to a normal place.

I will try to post regularly to keep myself motivated and figure out how to deal with this in the month leading up to my trip to Peru.  Hopefully it will have gone away by then.

My plan is simple, and will hopefully be effective.  I will cut the following foods out of my diet:
• fried foods and high fat foods
• tomato sauces
• juices
• carbonated beverages
• coffee, caffeinated tea, and chocolate ( :( there will be some exceptions for the last one)
• fatty steaks

One notable thing missing from this list is alcohol.  I don't drink much, but it's one thing I won't give up at this time (depending how my stomach feels.)

Any support would be awesome.


Mar. 2nd, 2012 03:40 pm (UTC)
I support you <3