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To supplement or not to supplement

To supplement or not to supplement, that is the question. Is it better for me to potentially struggle through weight loss while something might exist to help me, or take supplements that could mess with my biochemistry, cost a fortune, and simply put, might not work.

The supplements I would take would not be any of these "fat burning" stimulant supplements, because those are straight up dangerous. I can feel the heart attack and weight rebound from over here.

I'm considering taking CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, which claims to help stimulate muscle growth, fat loss, and maintenance of fat loss. It also claims to increase the activity of the immune system and help fight cancer. All good things in my book. One worry is thinking about it like a "diet" pill, and how that will psychologically affect my weight loss process. Another aspect is, what the heck am I putting in my body?! I've never taken vitamins before in my life, and I've never really known the benefit, so the idea of supplementing a fatty acid seems a bit curious to me.

But considering how lacking my diet is in school, I could probably use some vitamins. And hey, might as well throw in that CLA too. And maybe some fish oil for omega-3's. I just don't want to hurt my GI tract in the process.